Microlights (also known as ultralights) are small, lightweight aircraft designed to carry no more than two people and intended to be fun to fly and inexpensive to operate.

What are the risks associated with microlights?

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) accident statistics show that flying a microlight is much safer than flying a light aircraft. This is partly due to the hi-tech materials and quality standards worked to by manufacturers and enforced by the CAA.

To fly a microlight, you must hold a pilot’s licence. Also, all microlight owners/operators must arrange yearly permit inspections by a British Microlight Aircraft Association (BMAA) inspector, and a check flight by a BMAA approved check pilot. All UK microlights must be registered with the CAA.

Like all recreational aviation, flying microlights carries risks, and things can go wrong. As microlights can fly up to 10,000 feet at cruising speeds of 120 mph, any accident will likely result in serious, life-changing injuries.

Why do microlight accidents happen?

Human error is the most frequent cause of aircraft accidents, and most accidents happen when the pilot exceeds the aircraft or the pilot’s capabilities. Mistakes can be made during flight planning, pre-flight inspections or while operating the aircraft.

The weather plays an important part in all flying, but being lightweight, microlights are particularly vulnerable to wind gusts and turbulence that take pilots by surprise. Flying in marginal weather conditions without adequate training and preparation is a recipe for disaster.

Beyond human error, microlights can be susceptible to engine or structural failure. In such situations, insufficient training or inadequate knowledge of the aircraft and its systems can lead to accidents.

Can I claim for a microlight accident?

Several factors will determine if a claim can be brought, and these will need to be considered with specialist aviation solicitors. Negligence is likely to be established if the accident occurred during a training flight or due to engine malfunction.

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