When we meet our clients and client families, they are in the immediate aftermath of a terrible shock. An aviation accident, (whether it is a near-miss or a disaster) has a profound effect on anybody who has lived through it or has lost someone they love.


How we help with aviation accidents

Our job is to try and relieve some of the burden, help them understand what happened, seek the true cause, and provide them with the future financial stability that was taken from them by the aviation accident.

Here is our broad guide about what happens following an aviation accident, and what we do to help. There are four main stages that follow a fatal aviation accident. At the centre are the families.

Our aviation service: air safety, compensation, criminal prosecution and inquests


On the following pages we detail each stage of our client service:

Stage 1: What happened?  The accident investigation

Stage 2: Where should we bring the claim?  The compensation process

Stage 3: What can be done by families after an accident?  The inquest

Stage 4: What can be done by others after an accident? Criminal prosecution

Meet the Aviation team

Our team has unrivalled experience in dealing with aviation accident claims and aviation litigation. 

We are ranked No.1 in the UK by Chambers and The Legal 500 and are one of the top five firms worldwide for aviation accident litigation.

Sarah Stewart, Partner, Aviation, Stewarts

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