Separation of cohabiting unmarried couples

When unmarried couples separate, significant issues can arise over the ownership of property and financial provision for any children. Issues about where children will live and spend their time are also common. 


The rights of cohabiting unmarried couples

Many unmarried couples assume that after a period of time living together, they will enjoy the same legal rights as married couples. This is not the case. To find out more, please see the Financial provision for unmarried couples page.


Expectations of living together and cohabitation agreements

If you and your partner are considering purchasing a property and/or moving in together (or are already living together), it is important to discuss your expectations with regard to your respective interests in the property.

This discussion should ideally be had at the outset and the terms of the agreement recorded in a cohabitation agreement. Cohabitation agreements are recognised as the safest way for unmarried couples to protect themselves or their assets in the event of a relationship breakdown, especially where children are involved.


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