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The Stewarts Law Foundation

The Stewarts Law Foundation is a charitable foundation established by the partners of Stewarts Law.

The Foundation's vision is to:

  • Create opportunities for the disadvantaged in our society

  • Treat people less fortunate than ourselves with compassion and respect

  • Make a substantial social impact by giving to excellent non-profits in the UK that are focussed on:

         -  Alleviating poverty
         -  Enabling access to justice
         -  Supporting disability
         -  Providing educational opportunity

The Foundation's values align closely to those of the Firm and our staff:

  • Focus
  • Respect
  • Excellence

Grants Policy

Through its focussed grant giving programme, the Foundation aims to substantially support a small number of charities focussed on alleviating poverty, enabling access to justice, supporting disability and providing educational opportunity.

The Trustees of the Foundation carefully select, and review on an annual basis, the charitable organisations that receive the grants.

It is not the policy of the Trustees to accept direct applications for funds.

The Stewarts Law Foundation is a registered charity (Charity Registration No. 1136714, Company Registration No. 07282606).

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